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Toffee Bag è un marchio di Moe sas PI : 03830800102

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In the second edition of the 108 bag, we started from the search for embroideries that had to be original and handmade.

The most interesting embroideries come from one region in India: Guijarat.

In the middle of the desert, a community of women coming from different ethnic groups united in a cooperative in order to pass on this ancient art through generations, and, mostly, sustain and equally valorize female labor.

Toffee Bag married this initiative which unites the beauty of these manufactured goods and the possibility to sustain an important economic and social project.

Kutch has a varied culture which comprehends different ethnicities, mostly hindu and muslim. Each community jealously preserves its traditions and distinctive characteristics. Embroideries have been integral part of the cultural identity of many groups who live around the desert.

Each drawing who is embroidered has its ancient history and symbology which usually is sculpted on rocks inside temples.

Whoever owns a 108 will have a unique and original piece born out of the combination of an artistic embroidery of extraordinary value and artisanal manufacturing of Italian quality.

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